About Us




The daughter of a pilot; as a child I grew up being told stories at bedtime of faraway locations, breathing in surroundings that had never been explored and longing for my Father to take me away with him.  Over the years, I began to accompany him on some of his adventures whether they were sailing through the Med, surfing the pipelines in the Pacific, or watching the sunsets in Africa.  My wanderlust was only just beginning. There was so much to explore, so many incredibly unique tastes, colours and smells in all these places. I wanted everyone to experience this, I wanted everyone to be taken to their moments of freedom.

Eventually, Tosca & Salome was born while living in the Balearic Islands. I collected unique pieces that sung the song of these islands and thus was the building blocks of the online store. These pieces reminded me of experiences, of moments in time - my moments of freedom which made me feel fulfilled.

Over the years I have built Tosca & Salome into a brand which I hope represents the modern bohemian inspired woman. Unconventional, an adventurer. Someone who is inspired by experiences and ultimately - one who wants to share these through their expression.  I have made many, many dear friends this way in our stores passionately chatting over adventures and making connections this way, most often a lot of these women ending up being in the Tosca team! Slow, ethical fashion is something which I hold very dear.  In a world where fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to waste, it makes me very proud to work directly with brands and indeed our own colleagues abroad where we see the direct flow of support into their immediate lives. 

I'm so happy to introduce you to our world.


xx Bex & the Tosca Team