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Tosca & Salome @blessedindoubles Colab

Let's Learn a little about lovely Zoe!

Hi babe! Tell us all a little about yourself...

I am a Wife, a mother to 4 beautiful children Henry and Theo who are identical twins and Harlow and Noah who are fraternal twins. I am believer, an entrepreneur, an Asian Pacific Founder for Monat and I lead a team over 130 women through my online business.

I was born in Wellington and moved to Auckland when I was 11 years old. I got married in Auckland and started our family there. 7 years ago I started sharing my journey online when I was pregnant with our second set of twins. Within 3 months we have over 50,000 followers, I was a full time influencer and became a columnist for Women’s weekly.

*Oh my goodness! Busy girl! That obviously escalated new opportunities for you pretty quickly gaining such a huge audience interested in what you did, your way of life...

We were able to travel the world and work with the most incredible brands and we even started our own jewellery and clothing brand Blessed the Label. In the middle of Covid we felt the call to leave Auckland and settled down in a small beach town. The day we made the decision a private sale came up and we were able to buy our first home.

After 2 years of surfing everyday, healing, and just resting we felt the call from God to move to sell our house and move to Christchurch. We live there now on the most beautiful lifestyle property and travel a lot preaching the gospel.

Sounds like you have really landed on your feet - with so many exciting journeys leading you to where you are today. How would you describe life today?

I would describe my lifestyle as exciting, always changing, full, we have created a lifestyle that is very love and family focussed, we have a lot of time freedom, we travel a lot and have lots of incredible people from all around the world. We’ve seen healings and miracles it’s been POWERFUL.

Things that make me happy for hosting people and events, I love organising things and I thrive in high stress haha two sets of twins go figure. I love surfing, I highlight has been hosting a luxury surf retreat with 12 women. I love going on missions trips and hosting testimony events.

There’s definitely been lots of lifestyle changes moving from a small town to the city again. I feel like our last season was really slow and restoring and healing. And then this season has been full on. Lots happening, being creative again and getting back into designing and even just my fashion has changed. As it was just so beachy and laid back. But I’m having fun with what I’m wearing. * This is awesome Zoe, I really think the busy/changing lifestyle you've had over the years resonated with the Tosca woman. I know my life can be pretty hectic sometimes haha I think we can both relate! Tell me, what are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe you constantly reach for? I know I see quite a few familiar pieces on your socials!*

My go to pieces in my wardrobe are my Zoe Kimono, my matching linen sets, and my feminine flowy dresses. I love having pieces in my wardrobe that I can just throw on and feel amazing. Minimal time, maximum effect. I definitely love colour and patterns. Also love me a matching set I have a lot of dresses and matching sets.

I’ve always been so drawn to Tosca and Salome because of the beautiful, feminine pieces that last seasons beyond their release. Pieces that are bold and give you so much confidence and just honestly make you feel blimen AMAZING when you wear them. There are lots of show stopping pieces and every single time I wear something from Tosca and Salome I get so many compliments.

AWHHHHH SHUCKS!!! You always look incredible!!

What I love about our new dresses are these can be for every day wear but you can also dress them up. The Zoe Kimono is perfect and versatile because it’s so comfortable, but also the print is so beautiful and bold and the style is so flowy and feminine. I love that the Lulu dress is a little more snug in all the right places and still having the flowy arms. It’s got this beautiful print and length that will lead you through the difference seasons.

Finally, our moto here at Tosca is 'MOMENTS OF FREEDOM' which we always hope to take you in our garment, tell me honey what are your moments of freedom?

My moments of freedom are when I’m with my family sitting eating a meal just realising how much God has blessed me. It’s when I’m wearing something beautiful and singing and dancing. It’s when I’m in the ocean surfing. It’s when I’m encouraging women and speaking life into them.

Thank you to gorgeous Zoe who is an inspiration to so many women of NZ. We both hope these garments take you to your moments of freedom xx

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