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Cabana Spell Fall 2024

Cabana /kəˈbɑːnə/ a hut, cabin, or shelter at a beach or swimming poo

Spells first collection of 2024 is beautifully ‘old school Spell’ ~ inspired by pieces adorned with embroidery, tassels and texture {think: more is more} and bringing to life the eclectic layering of print combinations seen on the pages of travel magazines of the 70s and 80s… where it somehow always works and is so very much the pieces you would find at the back of a rack in a market, in the dusty basket in a vintage store or borrowed from a friend who got it from their aunt… a wardrobe you know has had adventures beyond your own.

This collection, Cabana, is a passport to a new chapter waiting to be written, a place that feels like home even if you’re lost in a journey. It’s about fastening whatever you have in your suitcase and heading steady into the unknown… it’s never just about the final stop.

As our muse moves with the water's tides, reading the breeze, sun and sand, she seeks a life of adventure that sets her heart on fire. Mornings are spent exploring turquoise shorelines, barefoot and adorned in salty swim, and by sundown she will throw on a well-loved gown, rippling in the wind like a mermaid tail, paired with cowboy boots and a tasseled bag ~ a curation of unexpected chaos and cohesion. The collection was designed with print and texture being worn together {aka, print clash heaven!} mixing old with new, different prints ~ how many ways can you wear it?!

As always, improving garment sustainability is at the forefront for the SPELL team when designing and they are so proud to share that 100% of garment styles in Cabana contain preferred fibres, and 92% of styles, including footwear and accessories contain preferred fibres. Spell are also so excited to introduce a new fibre in this collection ~ TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ {used in the Muse Denim Jacket} which uses pre- and post-consumer cotton waste to replace 30% of the wood pulp used to make the lyocell fibres. Using the recycled cotton in the process contributes to the circular economy and provides one solution to combating textile waste.

Muse Michelle Moellerskov Photography Ming Nomchong Styling Ash Bakos + Catherine Thorbecke Styling Assist Jayde Day Beauty Ashlea Penfold Photography Assist + Motion Jeremy Wolf Production Andy Henson Motion Edit Kim Brown

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