In nature there is magic, from the physical ~ a fine mist of rain creating a rich rainbow, sunlight shifting in colour as the day ends, to the internal ~ the first spark of love, the intimate bond of a lifelong friendship. For our new collection, Belladonna, we wanted to harness the essence of this fairytale-like part of our world.

Our muse is a world of paradoxes. She is delicate yet fierce. She is whimsical yet grounded. She believes in the divine; the universe and its mysteries her guiding force, yet she also determines her own fate, never shying away from stepping into the unknown, choosing her own path.

She is attuned to the natural world, it speaks its mysteries to her. She always returns to her spaces of tranquillity for inspiration ~ dipping her toes into cool creeks in the heat of the day, dreaming beside mirrored lakes at sunset. The universe speaks to her through soft breezes in dandelion fields and the sounds of dusk, as she absent-mindedly weaves braids in her wild, untamed mane.

She is grounded in feminine energy. Her sisterhood and connection to womenkind is the lifeblood of her depth and wisdom, and she seeks out the strength of the collective, lifting others up as she also rises.

This is Belladonna ~ our whimsical collection created for the dreamers and curious hearts. Like Alice tumbling into Wonderland, we have been inspired by the freedom and magic of the fantastic. Drawing from our deep respect for nature and its wonders, we have used 100% percent preferred fibres for the apparel in this collection, including our new recycled shearling, organic cotton, and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose.

Shot on film in Switzerland, the perfect backdrop to bring this collection to life ~ where the natural landscapes are so picturesque they quite literally look like they have sprung from the pages of a fairytale. Belladonna is designed for a life of wandering and exploration of this mysterious, brilliant world we live in. It is about the unexpected, the mystic power of nature ~ the true fairytale that exists all around us.

Muses Liva Borre + Aliona Debeaud Photography + Assistant Brydie Mack + Marlee Pasinetti Beauty Sophia Singh Styling Ash Bakos Production I like Ibiza Productions + Holly Lirosi Videography + Editor Luke Wella + Kim Brown Location Plush74